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The CryptoCast with Jason Hartman

Nov 2, 2018

Jason Hartman talks with Bill Ottman, CEO and co-founder of, about soft censorship and shadow banning that is happening on the internet today by big companies like Facebook and Google. The two discuss whether it's possible for technology companies to have an editorial process that is fair to all parties, and if the blockchain is something that can help with that.

Key Takeaways:

[1:52] The main pillars of the internet problem

[4:08] The soft form of censorship & shadow banning

[8:09] Something needs to change with the big tech companies, but what's the best approach?

[12:03] Should Facebook have the burden of an editorial process?

[15:14] How do you reconcile the issue of defamation and slander on platforms such as Facebook?

[19:54] Can the blockchain help solve some of the issues of slander & defamation or does it just cement them on the internet forever?

[26:09] What is the purpose of