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The CryptoCast with Jason Hartman

Sep 10, 2022

Is virtual real estate a real money making opportunity or are you better off going to Vegas to gamble? Jason Hartman welcomes Steve Hoffman back to the show today to hear about the latest developments regarding real estate, digital assets and speculation in the metaverse.

As we see a lot of big brands such as Gucci jumping into the virtual space to sell digital assets, a lot of people are wondering, where do you buy land in the metaverse? Are these good investments? How is their worth actually determined? How are people actually earning money? Can you make money speculating on virtual land?

Digital assets here to stay or just a passing fad? And what about cryptocurrencies? The amount of hype compared to the amount of utility that cryptocurrencies have delivered is completely disproportionate. People don't want to buy goods with cryptocurrency just yet, so what are they actually using crypto for?

Join Steve and Jason as they discuss future virtual worlds, NFTs, crypto and much more.

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Welcome Steve Hoffman, Chairman & CEO of Founders Space

1:47 Buying land in the metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrency & Decentraland

4:15 Steve’s book - The Five Forces That Change Everything: How Technology is Changing our Future

6:56 Big brands like Gucci are selling virtual goods

8:37 Make money speculating on virtual land in the metaverse

9:12 Axie Infinity - play to earn

11:42 Inflation and virtual currency

13:25 Real value or a Ponzi scheme?

17:11 Virtual assets and gambling

17:33 Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook’s Metaverse

19:17 Why didn’t Amazon launch a cryptocurrency?

20:30 Bitcoin: a decentralized money of the people

22:44 Central bank digital currency

27:39 Russia, SWIFT system & XRP

30:37 Distinguishing Bitcoin from other crypto

31:10 The evolution of Bitcoin

32:44 Find Steve Hoffman at



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