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The CryptoCast with Jason Hartman

Mar 26, 2022

What happens when the money supply is expanding more than ever, the government is more indebted than it's ever been and interest rates are at the lowest they've ever been? Find out with Jason Hartman and the founder of Heresy Financial, Joseph Brown as they discuss this and much more!

We are seeing the largest monetary expansion in US history which has triggered some very high inflation numbers. The last two years have given the government an excuse to start monetizing a ton of government debt by printing money. This is a top down financing tool for redirecting purchasing power, instead of creating new purchasing power, and leads to a misallocation of resources due to the unlimited purchasing power at the top. This misallocation causes the destruction of wealth and will eventually lead to financial repression. And so, the question is not a matter of if the Federal Reserve will spark a crash, but the question is when and how much before they reverse course.

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Key Takeaways:

0:34 Welcome Joseph Brown, founder of Heresy Financial

1:22 The Federal Reserve, tapering and rising interest rates

3:30 Injecting cash into the repo market to prevent a systemic financial collapse

4:25 Bureaucrat malevolence or incompetence?

5:55 Quantitative easing infinity, monetizing government debt

7:25 The Federal Reserve is under pressure to get inflation under control

8:20 What will happen when the Fed raises interest rates in 2022?

9:15 Not if, but when will the Fed spark an economic crash?

9:36 Will investors still want to buy real estate with higher interest rates?

12:25 Why the real estate market is different this time

14:25 Every bailout costs more and more

16:15 Long and short term interest rates and the yield curve

18:30 Stimulus checks, universal basic income, and a central bank digital currency

21:23 The Federal Reserve has become more political

22:55 A central bank digital currency is complete financial repression

24:15 Joe Brown's 2022 economic predictions

25:50 Effects of hyperinflation

28:19 People with the power will always make the decision that is most beneficial to them

28:51 Debt-to-GDP ratio and monetized debt

33:05 We have an inflationary monetary system

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