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The CryptoCast with Jason Hartman

Feb 28, 2021

Keith Gipson, all-in poker hands, long holds on real estate and bitcoin vs. gold. Keith talks with Jason about his nine-year supreme court case, along with some of his poker and gambling stories. But Keith doesn’t gamble with everything; his real estate is diversified with long holds and high returns.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] A little bio-hacking backstory.

[6:00] Beating the online casinos since 17 years of age. 

[8:00] Keith bridges his personal gap between gambler and real estate investor. 

[9:00] Civil asset forfeiture. 

[16:0]] Keith’s case went to the US Supreme Court

[19:00] Inflation v. Deflation.

[28:00] What free market?

[29:10] You can do so many amazing things with entities. 

[31:30] Keith talks about his properties in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama. 

[35:15] “If you’re not long on income property right not, you’re going to miss the boat.” -Jason

[37:15] Bitcoin and the global currency situation. 

[43:00] Is money just a shared delusion?