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The CryptoCast with Jason Hartman

Dec 18, 2020

Land, gold, and art OR stocks, bonds, and cash? Jason Hartman talks with Dan Ferris, editor of Extreme Value and host of the Stansberry Investor Hour Podcast. “You need to learn to preserve wealth outside the financial system,” Ferris said. Ferris and Hartman go in-depth discussing diversification and its importance versus playing it safe with multi-dimensional assets. Inflation, don’t predict it, prepare for it.

Key Takeaways:

Dan Ferris

[1:00] Let’s talk about Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver. 

[3:10] “Bitcoin is the hardest currency on Earth.” - Ferris

[10:00] Bitcoin, is 11 years long enough for people to start accepting it for commerce?

[12:45] Inflation is coming! 

[14:00] Will there be a great reset?

[15:00] Don’t predict, prepare. 

[16:45] Land, gold, and art OR stocks, bonds, and cash?


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