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The CryptoCast with Jason Hartman

May 23, 2020

Jason Hartman talks with guest, Mark Moss, who believes in fully diversifying your investment portfolio. Mark shares his strategy on investing in gold, stocks, real estate, and even cryptocurrency. All of his strategy leads back to the idea that cashflow is the name of the game. Bitcoin does not need to be the global currency to have weight and validity. From game-theory to understanding what gives the currency its value, Mark shares what he knows about investing across the board. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] The smartest people in the world know that they don’t know.

[3:00] Cashflow is always the name of the game, but I don’t forget about investing for growth.

[7:00] Determine your own tolerance for risk.

[9:45] Understanding money creating, through debt.

[11:25] Since 1971, our standard unit of value has been severed.

[14:00] Fake wealth vs creating wealth

[17:00] Shifting to Cryptocurrencies

[19:00] Shifting to Cryptocurrencies 

[22:20] Will cryptos lead to a separation of money and state?

[26:00] There shall never be sound money again until it is taken from the government. 

[29:10] Understanding the bitcoin halving.

[32:30] While bitcoin may be limited, Cryptos, in general, have no limit?


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